Relocation of a factory in full operation

On the basis of an education as a blacksmith and mechanical engineering as well as years of experience as plant manager Knud Erik Czaja established the company DEFCO (Delicious Food Company) in Aarhus, Denmark in 1982.

Together with skilled staff with international experience and his sons Morten and Mikkel, Czaja has since developed, produced and sold unique charcuterie and high-quality cold cuts.

DEFCO has grown into Denmark’s leading family-owned production company in retail packaged cold cuts and now has approx. 160 employees. In 2017, DEFCO agreed to the sale of the buildings at Helsingforsgade, where the company has been located since it was established and it soon moves to a new domicile at Gunnar Clausens Vej. Establishment and conversion of the new factory was initiated in March 2018 and will be finalized by December 2019.

DEFCO has chosen Logi Systems for the extensive work on interior design, the establishment of optimal production flow and logistics as well as advice in connection with optimization of the new processes.

The very close cooperation on the new production facilities entails efficient and future-proof production with a modern factory layout. It ensures a high degree of flexibility that allows DEFCO to operate in a demanding and dynamic market. The cooperation is essential, as it is the intention that the move takes place while the production is running. Thus, one line at a time will be relocated once the renovation at Gunnar Clausens Vej has been completed. DEFCO has chosen Logi Systems to be part of the process from start to finish so that the focus on objectives, progress, and milestones is maintained and effectively taken fully into production.