Because it is best for the patient

Until 2004 there were four independent hospitals in the Danish region Southern Jutland, but as a result of a new hospital structure, they were linked more closely together via a new management structure – and later they became one hospital under the name Sygehus Sønderjylland (Hospital of Southern Jutland).

In 2016, when Project Manager in hospital building Mads Kjeldsen started phase 2 in the form of an extension of the hospital, he had extensive experience from previous hospital projects. Therefore he knew that the choice of counsellor and partner is of paramount importance based on the words ”– because it is best for the patient”.

Phase 2 at the cost of approx. 750 million DKK (100 million EUR) includes among other things a goods receipt with a special focus on efficient and relevant automation of the various warehouse features. Like the rest of the project, it will be completed in autumn 2019 and be fully functional by the end of 2020.

Mads Kjeldsen chose Logi Systems as a logistics consultant for assessments of equipment such as storage machines, storage shelves, and other automation equipment in e.g. pick and sterile areas.