Customized Warehouse Logistics

Logi Systems has experience from numerable trades and has extensive knowledge of the suppliers and products in the market. This knowledge and practical experience ensures that you and your business will receive the best and most competent guidance.

Logi System’s services within warehouse logistics include:

  • Warehouse automation
  • Optimization and efficiency improvement of warehouse functions
  • Warehouse layout and total solutions
  • Distribution centers and central warehouses
  • WEB and Internet solutions
  • Raw material and buffer warehouses
  • Pick and pack and sorting solutions
  • Packaging and shipping solutions
  • AGV solutions
  • Automatic packaging robots
  • RIFD and barcode solutions
  • Warehouse management systems (WMS)

In addition to our expertise within warehouse logistics, we are also experts in the develoment of production logistics and hospital logistics.

Relevant cases

Poul-Hansen-case-lagerlogistik_590Sorting solution to Poul Hansen
Case_Bestseller_590Distribution Center to Bestseller