Reliable Cooperating Partner

Niels Grue Sandberg, currently factory manager at Bramidan, has worked together with Ole Nielsen for ten years on different projects in different companies.

This includes the project engineering of a new factory in China in 2010. Niels Grue Sandberg says the following about the cooperation:

”The advantage of the long cooperation was that we had a stable cooperating partner, who knew the strengths and weaknesses in our production, and who was able to take part in a strategic evaluation of flow and optimization”.

Niels Grue Sandberg’s comments regarding the cooperation:

  • Ole Nielsen is capable of familiarizing himself with the specific situation and developing the optimal logistics solution together with the customer.
  • The entire organization becomes involved in the logistics solution, and Ole Nielsen makes sure that the employees are familiar with the system and the tools.
  • Long-term cooperation means, that Logi Systems is able to rapidly identify new challenges and develop an efficient solution which greatly benefits our company.


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